Easy E Watersports

jet skis in water

Easy 'E' Watersports offers jet ski rentals, paddleboard rentals, and kayak rentals in Panama City Beach, Florida. Rentals are weather-permitting and can be booked over the phone. Jet ski rentals with Easy 'E' Watersports are limited to 3 people maximum or 400 lbs. If you're renting a jet ski, you should have some experience riding or driving a jet ski. Half hour rentals are $60 and full hour rentals are $100.


You can also rent a paddleboard or kayak through Easy 'E' Watersports for those who want a bit more of a laid back experience. Both are $20 per hour or $60 for the entire day. 


Easy 'E' Watersports is located on the beach at access point 21, just south of the center of PCB. 

About Easy 'E' Watersports

Address: 8500-8512 Surf Dr, Panama City, FL 32408

Hours: Open daily 9 - 5 p.m.

Phone: (850) 866-1175