Cleaning Procedures

In the wake of COVID-19, the operations team at Aqua is working even harder to prepare for guests to feel safe and comfortable while on vacation with us. We are following recommendations for vacation rental properties issued by the Center for Disease (CDC), the Florida Department of Heath, and the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), for cleaning, training, and other daily protocols.

New Safety Measures at Aqua

Customized Training Program for All Staff Members

Our preparation has included providing OSHA-certified training for all Aronov rental staff members, housekeeping teams, and maintenance personnel. This training has focused on best practices for cleaning and disinfecting condominiums using chemicals and processes recommended by the CDC to combat COVID-19 and that comply with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements.

Increased Protection Throughout Cleaning Process

Our staff and contracted housekeeping teams perform environmental cleaning prior to the arrival and after the departure of rental guests. All housekeeping, maintenance, and inspection teams put on clean masks, gloves, and foot covers before entering a condo and change gloves during the cleaning process to prevent cross-contamination.

Heightened Awareness of High Touch Areas

Our housekeeping team sprays high-touch surfaces and hard surfaces with an EPA-registered product and follows guidelines for dwell time to achieve disinfection. The new process requires additional cleaning time plus a window of time after cleaning before guests are allowed to enter.

Adjusted Arrival & Departure Times

We have adjusted arrival and departure times to allow our teams the time needed between same-day arrivals and departures to complete this new cleaning process.

Enhanced Linen Cleaning

Upon arrival, you will notice a new look for all bedding. We have implemented a new standard for all bed linens known as triple-sheeting and are only using white bed linens. This new standard allows us to comply with new CDC guidelines for laundry of linens. We now outsource all laundry of linens in the condominiums to a commercial laundry to achieve the high temperatures for washing and drying as well as the application of disinfectant that is needed to combat COVID-19 contamination. We are also in compliance with the new industry standard that requires no comforters or bedspreads remain on beds for vacation rentals to prevent cross-contamination between guests.